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Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions

Checking out the coral reefs from nearby or exploring the surface of Mars on a weekday afternoon. Google Expeditions is an educational virtual reality tool teachers can use to take their students on virtual school trips all over the world. Google Expeditions runs on Android devices using Google Cardboard glasses. 

Teachers choose one of the 200 various expeditions, hereby provided with the necessary information, students are taken on a virtual journey using their own Android device and Google Cardboard glasses. The teacher can keep an eye on what the students are paying attention to: they can see directly what the students are focused on.   

To strengthen this campaign, an orange coloured Ciak® Classic with a foil print, matching the corporate identity, was created for the Google staff.

Take a look here at how millions of students go on a virtual world trip.   

Google Expeditions – bring your lessons to life