All Printed Confectionery

Kraft House with house mints
  • From 250 pcs.
Box lucky clovers pepermints
  • From 500 pcs.
Single pack imperial mint
  • From 5000 pcs.
Duo pack mints
  • From 2500 pcs.
Chocolate bonbon
  • From 2250 pcs.
Vegan chocolate bar
  • From 250 pcs.
Paper wrapping chewing gum
  • From 3000 pcs.
  • FSC paper
8 Chocolate cubes in a box
  • From 250 pcs.
Box with 3 chocolate hearts
  • From 250 pcs.
Tin 0,9 liter chocolates
  • From 100 pcs.
Box with Belgium chocolates
  • From 250 pcs.
Box with 4 chocolates
  • From 250 pcs.
Payment card chocolate
  • From 250 pcs.
Gold bar Mars
  • From 250 pcs.

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Besides printed gum blisters Leoprinting also provides printed paper coasters, binders and post-it ® notes. Do you have any ideas on paper promotional materials, talk to us! We are open to anything and think together with you to create a good strategy. to give your product or service more visibility Ask for a quote or contact us for more information.

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