All Antibacterial

Antibacterial Gel 50 ml
  • From 100 pcs.
  • Available from stock
Antibacterial Gel Sachets 1.5 ml
  • From 20000 pcs.
  • Cleans without water
Antibacterial Gel 150 ml
  • From 100 pcs.
  • With flip-top
Antibacterial display stand
  • From 1 pcs.
  • Including Antibacterial Gel
Antibacterial Gel 300 ml
  • From 1000 pcs.
  • With pump
Antibacterial Spray 500 ml
  • From 100 pcs.
  • 60% Alcohol Denat
Antibacterial Tissues Single Sachets
  • From 10000 pcs.
  • Various sizes
  • 2-3 weeks delivery time
Hand Soap coloured 300 ml
  • From 1000 pcs.

Other information

The simple but striking print on the antibacterial products provides an extra dimension to these practical items. Rinse-free hand cleansing gel contains a unique formula that combines a blend of alcohol and moisturizing ingredients for superior effectiveness. Enriched with extracts that moisturize and care for the skin. Cleans hands without soap or water and dries in just 30 seconds.

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